INSTAlifestyle Magazine Carolina Almeida Cruz

INSTALifestyle project is about telling the story of women that had breakthroughs in their lives and succeeded in their career, in their projects, their ideas, etc.

Simple women that became successful and their stories will help, move, touch and inspire others, it aims to be an inspiration that will help transform the life of others.

In this number #2 edition we feature Carolina Almeida Cruz.
Carolina tells us the story of her life, how did it change completely after a simple and humble travel experience through Tibet. That trip changed completely the way she sees the world and the way she wants to contribute for a better world as well.

Her positive perspective of life allowed her to achieve recognition, awards, prizes and most of all the fulfilment of her heart and the heart of those who work with her.

An amazing uplifting and inspiring story with a very positive sharing that will help others transforming their lives.

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